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Heraklio Travel was founded in 1981 and having achieved high standards of development in the tourism industry, can truly be described as one of the leading travel agencies in Greece.

With a continuous investment in the field of technology, the company maintains a state-of-the-art, in-house computer system which is connected online with various business providers, as well as contracts with several International Computer Reservations systems.

Heraklio Travel is looking forward to continue on its successful course as it moves dynamically into the future, setting as its goal the development of its network and the expansion of activities.
Our company has been awarded several distinctions, for its high quality services and sales, by various airlines, hotels and organizations.
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The primary objective of Heraklio Travel is the rendering of high quality services. For this reason, our company employs multilingual executives specialized in travel and tourism. Moreover it has developed, strong relationships and excellent partnerships with airlines and tourism companies, worldwide.

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